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OpenStack client packages have a long history. It begins in November 2009 when Rackspace Cloud Servers package started. It provided a Python API (the cloudservers module) and a command-line script (cloudservers). Initially, the script was just a stub, but it became a useful CLI utility able to launch, stop, and resize virtual machines.

cloudservers package introduced a library architecture that is used till now. All entities can be split into five groups.

  1. Resources, e.g., a flavor, a server, or an image. Technically, a resource is a Python object and its class is a descendant of the Resource class.
  2. Managers – they provide operations on resources, for example, “list all flavors” or “delete an image”. So, we have a flavor manager, an image manager, and so on. As you may guess, manager’s classes are descendants of the Manager class.
  3. HTTP client provides a convenient interface for managers that send…

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